Hurry up and APPLY
for the
Tri-Tryagain Summer Residency 2017!
It’s Free

Deadline for applying is May 30th (2017)!

Who we are:
Tri-tryagain is a maker-crafter-artist space in Ridgewood, Queens. We are a small community of makers, artists and the like. Our lovely second floor 2500 square-foot space is equipped with woodworking and hand tools, workbenches and a useful selection of materials and supplies. We work with electronics, wood, metal, paper, found objects…  We are a lamp-creating, print-making, radio-building, picture-painting, toy-making, furniture-modifying, everything-fixing workshop. We value process as well as product.  We like reusing and recycling materials when possible.

What we are offering:
We are hosting a six-week residency from the middle of June through the end of July, 2017.  Two people will be offered residencies.  Each resident will get a space in the workshop, including a bench, shelf space and access to tools.  In addition, they will get, if they so wish, training in tool use, mentorship, and an opportunity to show their work in our in-house gallery at the end of their residency.
(Hours are 8 AM to 10 PM. Tri-tryagain is not a live-work space.)

Who we are seeking:
We are looking for makers, crafters, artists or the like.  Experience is secondary to enthusiasm. You don’t have to have a specific project in mind, but you have to make some Thing.  The residency is granted to an individual or a collaboration of two (both collaborators must complete the application). Tri-tryagain must be the resident’s primary workspace for the period of the residency.

To apply, email the following to:

* Name, email, phone 

* Tell us about you and what brought you to apply for the residency.
* What do you want to work on? 

* Include links to or photos of your work, if available. 

* Two references 

* Are you 18 or older?

If you’re one of the final contenders, we’ll contact you for an interview by June 1.  Residents will be announced on June 5th!


Fine print:

  • This is an open workspace, and requires consideration of the other makers. Residents must know how to safely use tools. Instruction is available to those who need it.
  • We don’t have a spray booth, dust collection or active ventilation. For this reason, projects that require extended use of power tools are not suitable for this residency. Ask before using questionable chemicals or processes.
  • A rotating selection of materials and common shop supplies are available for free. Some are subject to a fee. Please ask before using.
  • At the end of the residency leftover materials and/or supplies must be removed, or upon approval, added to the workshop.
  • Consult web pages for a full list of tools we have and don’t have. Feel free to bring your own tools.
  • We are on the second floor, no elevator is available. Unfortunately we are not wheelchair accessible.
  • Dogs who pass tool safety test welcome!