Shine on!

Imagine, Design, and Build Your Light!

A four session class providing guidance, skills, tools, and materials taught by Emilia Schonthal and Adam Dowis.

Summer 2021!
Thursdays in June (3rd, 10th, 17th, and 24th) from 6 – 8:30pm
1st class: imagining, 2nd class: designing, 3rd & 4th classes: building

$200 including materials
(sliding scale available)

Meets in Ridgewood (Halsey L)

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Class Description
Work with Adam and Emilia at Tri-Try Again studio to envision, design, and build your own light. The course meets every Thursday evening in June.  We start by forming a foundation in emotional, conceptual and sculptural elements of light and shadow and lamps.  We will consider how your light will occupy space, what and how it will illuminate. 

We then dive into technical knowledge.  We explore what materials you might use to best express your vision and give guidance in the processes of designing and constructing your light, experiment with which electrical components will best suit your design, and learn the basics of bulbs, sockets, switches, and electrical wiring.

In the final two sessions we spend time teaching the crafts required to build your piece.  We suit our lessons to what the students need for their project, but core areas include brazing, paper mache techniques, electrical wiring, and safety and ecological considerations.  Students can also access knowledge and tools for woodworking, metal working as well as many other skills.

Whether you’re interested in making a more practical lamp or a sculpture incorporating light, we will work with you to develop and design your ideas. No experience necessary. This class will meet in person, masks required.

Instructor Bios

Emilia: Utilizing a background in metalsmithing, Emilia has been making and selling jewelry at Tri-Try Again studio for several years. Before deciding to pursue a masters in Art Education at CCNY, Emilia worked as a builder for light design companies in Brooklyn and Queens. She learned electrical wiring, design and installation techniques and began to incorporate light into sculptures of her own. Her work stems from observations of forms, textures, and ephemeral moments from her daily surroundings, seeking to preserve moments of wonder and discovery that are born of curiosity. 

Adam: Adam is a founder and owner of Tri-Try Again studios, where he likes to help people learn the various skills needed to bring their material visions to life.  His background is in electronics but he has always made lamps.  He combines his technical skills, love of found objects and craft skills in his work.  His lamps (and clocks) are made of hurricane debris, dumpster finds, animals, vegetables and minerals, microcontrollers and other.   His work uses light and time as functional MacGuffins to have fun with precision, chaos, mess, control and trash.