Tri-Tryagain Summer Residency is in process. Join us for the open studios and show on August 18 & 19th!

Who we are:
Tri-tryagain is a maker-crafter-artist space in Ridgewood, Queens. We are a small community of makers, artists and the like. Our lovely second floor 2500 square-foot space is equipped with woodworking and hand tools, workbenches and a useful selection of materials and supplies. We work with electronics, wood, metal, paper, found objects…  We are a lamp-creating, print-making, radio-building, picture-painting, toy-making, furniture-modifying, everything-fixing workshop. We value process as well as product.  We like reusing and recycling materials.

What we are offering:
We host a six-week residency during the summer.

Each resident gets a space in the workshop, including a bench, shelf space and access to tools.  In addition, they get, if they so wish, training in tool use, mentorship, and an opportunity to show their work in our in-house gallery at the end of their residency.

Selected residents should plan to have Tri-tryagain be their primary workspace during the residency, and work in the space at least 3 days a week. Hours are 9 AM to 9 PM, there is currenly not 24 hour access. Tri-tryagain is not a live-work space.

Who we are seeking:
We are looking for makers, crafters, artists and the like. Experience is secondary to enthusiasm. You don’t have to have a specific project in mind, but hopefully you will make some Thing.  The residency is granted to an individual or a collaboration of two (both collaborators must complete the application). Tri-tryagain must be the resident’s primary workspace for the period of the residency. All applicants must be 18 or older.

Fine print:

  • This is an open workspace, and requires consideration of the other makers.
  • We don’t have a spray booth, dust collection or active ventilation. For this reason, projects that require extended use of power tools are not suitable for this residency.
  • A rotating selection of materials and common shop supplies are available for free. Some are subject to a fee.
  • At the end of the residency leftover materials and/or supplies must be removed, or upon approval, added to workshop supplies.
  • Consult our website for a full list of tools we have and don’t have. Feel free to bring your own tools.
  • We are on the second floor, no elevator is available. Unfortunately we are not wheelchair accessible.
  • Dogs welcome!

We see a world filled with electronic jewelry, wooden glowing totem poles, toasters that play polkas and hydrogen cars. Solar cells on top of layer cakes.