Tri-tryagain is a maker-crafter-artist space in Ridgewood, Queens. We are a small community of makers, artists and the like. Our lovely second floor 2500 square-foot space is equipped with woodworking and hand tools, workbenches and a useful selection of materials and supplies. We work with electronics, wood, metal, paper, found objects…  We are a lamp-creating, print-making, radio-building, picture-painting, toy-making, furniture-modifying, everything-fixing workshop. We value process as well as product.  We like reusing and recycling materials when possible.

There’s a small gallery in the front and a 500 foot patio in back.

It’s in Ridgewood, on the border of Bushwick. The Halsey street subway lets you off at the door. It’s a eight minute walk to the Mrytle/Wyckoff M and L